An Italian classic, lasagna, at Ritrovo, Pretoria
The delectable mezze of Anatoli's, Cape Town
The sweeping views at De Kloof, Pretoria
The culinary artistry of Tokara, Stellenbosch
The beautiful creations of Aubergine, Cape Town
The superb vista from The Roundhouse, Camps Bay
Chef Bertus Basson of Overture, Stellenbosch
Exciting modern cuisine at The Greenhouse, Constantia
Precise plates of flavour at La Colombe, Constantia
Stylish interior and great food at 9th Ave Bistro, Durban

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Daruma Japanese Restaurant   CBD, Durban
As traditionally Japanese as a South African can be   | By The Fay Way | Monday, 25 August 2014
Daruma authentic Japanese restaurant and Teppanyaki is located on the ground floor of the TsogoSun Elangeni Hotel right on the Durban beach front. We were looking forward to visiting this restaurant because hubby is a bit of a Japanese culture enthusiast. Our Friday evening dinner reservation was set for 6pm but I will say that although 6pm is, for us, a good time for dinner, it seems that everyone else dines at 8pm. We were the first to arrive and although the restaurant was empty, doors closed a few minutes before 6pm, we were ushered inside and seated with a friendly smile albeit with some expressions of confusion.

Seating at Daruma includes general seating around either a small or large Teppanyaki stations which seats between 8 and 12 people. Individual tables are also available and I was glad that I requested to be seated at the Teppanyaki. On booking over the phone I was asked where we would prefer to sit (table or Teppanyaki?) I responded that since it was our first visit, which would they recommend. Table. Really? Hmmmm no I think we’ll sit at the Teppanyaki station rather. Excellent choice as it turned out. We shared our station with a couple on what seemed to be their first date (very sweet) and a family of four complete with rebel goth boySti and grundge girl stuck to her iphone. The fun part was that the couple on the one side just went about their date, chatting and getting to know one another without getting into our space or even acknowledging our existence. The dad of the family on the other side was quite the joker and engaged us a little with some humor. At no time did we feel that our privacy was impeded even though we were all seated beside one another. What fun. Already feeling very Japanese!

Drinks menu at Daruma is nice and varied. Besides the very impressive five star wines and champagnes available, they also had a small selection of traditional Japanese Sake (warm or cold) as well as Jin ro sho-chu which is a Korean brand of rice wine.

GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) is one of my favourite Japanese Anime series; in the cartoon, Onizuka makes a big deal about a sushi dish that includes Toro; he seems completely horrified that his student just dumps the container containing this “toro” in the bin without even a second glance. I google. Toro is a fatty cut of tuna and according to my research is a Otoro in particular is a most valued ingredient in authentic Japanese sushi. So to honor the Great Teacher Onizuka, we order toro sashimi. No stock. Argh. No. really? Deflated and a little peeved, we order a sushi platter that includes at least something we’ve not tried before. Sashimi Marlin which had a delicate flavour compared to the accompanying tuna and creamy salmon sashimi. I approve with a smile. You have to when every mouthful is so pleasant.

The menu includes not only quite an extensive sushi menu, but also an option to have a la carte or set menu teppan yaki, or individual a la carte dishes. The set teppan yaki menu allows for some choice in the mains of either beef, chicken or lamb. With a price tag of around R240 for a three course meal, we decided that this was a worthwhile option and ordered the beef.

Starter on the set menu included a Japanese style salad (shaved carrot topped with shaved cabbage drizzled with vinegar dressing, rice noodles with soy dressing and seaweed.) Although this is not really my idea of a salad, I was eager to embrace my authentic Japanese experience and maneuvered my chopsticks like a professional and found the salad to be refreshing, particularly after the distinctive flavours we encountered in our sushi platter.

The second part of our starter was a sticky teriyaki marinade chicken kebab called Yaki tori. Sweet, tender and very tasty.

And then our teppanyaki chef arrived, raw ingredient dishes balancing on his arms. Simphewe. Not the most traditional of Japanese names, but as traditional as South African can be. Professional and deft with his teppan yaki spatulas, Simphewe proceeded to clean and oil the hot station and entertain us with balancing eggs, super fast dicing omelets, and hopping bits of fried steak onto our plates. Stir fried vegetables, beef fillet and egg fried rice made for a very filling main meal indeed. The beef could have been seasoned a bit more, but perhaps the way teppan yaki is performed it’s difficult to gauge exactly how much seasoning to use; perhaps Simphewe will improve this over time.

Our dessert was very simple, flavoured ice cream; chocolate or green tea flavoured.
Overall Rating:   4
Food: 4 Service: 4 Ambience: 3
Yes, I would return!

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Grill Jichana, The   North Beach, Durban
Superior skill in preparation   | By The Fay Way | Wednesday, 20 August 2014
Jichana is apparently a Swahili slang word meaning “eating well”. I didn’t know that; and to see the restaurant décor, branding and menu, you’d not expect anything vaguely “Swahili” about it. As a matter of fact, when we walked in, I guessed the place to be more of a Cuban Fusion Jazz joint. Not that there is anything wrong with it, mind you, just didn’t know where the Swahili element fitted in.
Jichana Grill is also located on the ground floor of the Elangeni (Tsogo Sun) hotel (next to Daruma Japanese Restaurant and Teppan Yaki which we were fortunate to visit the night before). Just off to the side street, the solid metal door with lightbox branding above gives the impression of a nightclub entrance and since we were on time, were a little confused about getting in through that door at all since so many restaurants we had visited were still prepping at 6pm. But Mr Burly-Man let us in and we were shown to our table, past the temperature controlled glass wall enclosed wine cellar and little humidor (you see why I thought the place Cuban). Our server was pleasant and informative and made every effort to make our dinner an enjoyable one although his knowledge of the menu adequate.
Our meal included a beef carpaccio with watercress, balsamic vinegar reduction, fresh citrus squeezed over, and I am sure I detected a hint of truffle oil. You can’t really go wrong with Carpaccio but I will say that the portion size was nice and the accompanying flavours fresh and well suited.
Grill Jichana is getting to be well known for their steak dishes. 500g rump steak ordered bleu with 20 ingredient café de paris butter and a side order of fries. Now I will introduce you to the very reason why we have decided to stop booking our dinners at 6pm and opting for 8pm. Being the first people ordering, my hunk of meat was pulled out of the fridge and slapped immediately onto the grill. Now a bleu steak can’t be cooked directly from fridge cold because it leaves the inside, well, cold. So it was with regret that I had to inform our server of the chilly situation and see how he would handle it. Absolutely no excuses or arguments, my plate was returned to the kitchen to be inspected by the chef and subsequently replaced with a perfectly bleu grilled steak exactly to my liking.
The pan seared tuna steak with red peppers showed off excellent quality ingredients and superior skill in preparation. Simple flavours and presented with style. Although Grill Jichana is making a name for themselves with their beef, it would be remiss of me not to mention the excellent quality of the fish too.
Our dessert of homemade crème Brule was simple and creamy with half a strawberry on the side with a little berry coulis again made a meeting of angels on the taste buds. Very nice.
On leaving Grill Jichana you will most likely be handed a business card with a Tripadvisor link on the back with a request to rate or review the restaurant. Very proactive and an excellent way for them to keep things at the highest standard possible.
Overall Rating:   4.5
Food: 5 Service: 4 Ambience: 3
Yes, I would return!

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Kalky's Restaurant   Kalk Bay, Cape Town
Excellent   | By Charles | Wednesday, 20 August 2014
I was totally happy with the foo and friendly service.
Overall Rating:   5
Food: 5 Service: 5 Ambience: 4
Yes, I would return!

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Renato Trattoria   Emmarentia, Johannesburg
A fantastic rustic Italian restaurant   | By Wim | Friday, 15 August 2014
Trattoria Renato has been open for at least 20 years. It is unapologetically italian. No steaks or ribs or burgers with Cips. Just fantasticpizzas and pastas. The pizzas are thicker based, beautifully well cooked and crispy. They are not flooded with toppings. The service is fast friendly and efficient. It is a small restaurant and always full. It does not take bookings but you can usually get a table after 7:30, after the initial rush. The wine list is non-existent but there is no corkage fee.
Overall Rating:   4.5
Food: 5 Service: 5 Ambience: 3
Yes, I would return!

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Decadence Restaurant   Erasmuskloof, Pretoria
Impressive   | By Sandra | Tuesday, 22 July 2014
I was impressed the first time we went to Decadence Restaurant, and kept on going back.
By far the best food and best priced, with a great atmosphere.
Overall Rating:   5
Food: 5 Service: 4 Ambience: 5
Yes, I would return!

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Havana Grill   North Beach, Durban
Havana Grill aims to be all about “Food, Wine, Cigars and Vibe”   | By The Fay Way | Monday, 14 July 2014
Ever since we tried a Havana Grill taster plate at the first Taste of Durban, we have been dying to try them out. They always presented themselves at The Taste as edgy and original and it was with great anticipation that we put them on our list of reviews this month.

I love Cuban music and with such a colorful history, am interested in the Cuban culture as well. So there I was, all prepped and ready to be educated about Cuban Cuisine. Unfortunately I discovered that Havana Grill doesn’t actually serve authentic Cuban cuisine at all. So all my research into what to expect fell flat when we arrived at the di moda eatery on the upper level of the Suncoast Casino complex in Durban.

Now don’t get me wrong, Havana Grill may not serve authentic Cuban dishes, but let me tell you that their beef really is pretty good. They pride themselves on using only local South African grain fed super beef, aged for a minimum of 21 days so it’s little wonder that our table ordered only various beef main dishes; mine was particularly impressive: 600g sirloin on the bone, topped with deep fried bone marrow (which seems to be a really trendy addition on Durban menus lately by the way), oxtail marmalade and fresh rocket.

Inventive flavors there as well as a variety of textures. The only thing I would have preferred is if more of the sinew was removed, but hey, for a hunk of meat standing about 4cm thick on my plate, I’ll put up with a little sinew and under seasoning, particularly since it was done exactly to my taste: bleu.

The menu can best be described as a modern fusion of South African and international flavors. Prime example would be the specials starter, Gravadlax (traditionally a Scandinavian dish) done the Havana grill way – instead of marinated in Aquavit, it was prepped in beetroot and served with wasabi icecream. How lovely is that?

The décor at Havana Grill matches their attitude. Neat, up market and marchoso. Slightly rustic island feel in the dining room, with the white bleached wood branch wall paneling mixed with crisp white linen and table settings. Social area at the bar, Cuban Cigar humidor and the famous sterile looking meat cupboard with glass panels that allow you to catch a glimpse of their famous aging meat.

The music selection was appropriate but perhaps a tad on the loud side, but if you’re into the very vibey feel, then the volume would suite you perfectly.

The menu, although famous for their beef, also include seafood, poultry, pork, lamb and venison. Prices range from R46 - R701. A word of advice though: come hungry.

The grill also boasts an extensive Wine List made up of a really nice selection of South African wines. The beverages list includes not only the fully licensed section but soft drinks for those who do not imbibe.

Service at Havana grill was professional and attentive from our first telephone booking to our request to take a glass of wine onto the balcony outside after our meal. Our server made an effort to make us feel welcome and heard. The team of servers, hosts and managers all pitched in to assist each other which was really such a cool thing to see. Knowledge of the dishes and some preparation information was a little lacking but honestly the fact that everyone at Havana Grill went out of their way to make our evening an enjoyable one more than made up for that.

So here we go on to our meal journey:

Fish cakes with a dipping sauce. Filling, tasty and beautifully presented.

Smoked Salmon with avocado guacamole and salsa from the specials menu. Incredibly tasty, with good highlights thanks to the salsa.

Gravid lax done with beetroot and served with wasabi ice-cream, fresh rocket and toasted melba style toast. The Salmon had very delicate flavors and when paired with the cheeky wasabi ice-cream, made mad passionate flavour causing the taste buds to go wild.

Also from their very creative and mouthwatering specials menu: Sirloin on the bone 600g with oxtail marmalade, deep fried marrow and fresh rocket. I loved the presentation. The deep fried marrow was lovely and the oxtail marmalade complimented the steak perfectly. Found the steak itself to be under seasoned all the other steaks at the table were seasoned well.

Rump with extra mushroom sauce on the side. The quality of the steak is undisputed. Beautiful ingredients and perfectly prepared. The sauce also complimented well.

The Fillet stuffed with feta and jalapeño may have lost some of it’s “pretty” on the way from the kitchen to our table, but as far as delicious factor goes, all I heard from that side of the table were grunts of delight.

Risotto rump went down a treat. My guest informs me that his KPI for a good restaurant is their ability to produce good risotto. The thumbs went up on this one. As though there would be doubt!

Pecan nut bread and butter pudding butterscotch vanilla Ice cream. The desserts were all a tad on the boring side. The bread and butter pudding came across more like a pecan nut muffin, which as a muffin is lovely, but unimpressive as a bread and butter dessert. The presentation was also a tad on the uninspired side. Artists day off perhaps?

The Espresso mousse was the only dessert that came close to being interesting, but lost that early on too.

Creme brûlée was crème brûlée, what can I say. Nothing wrong with it, but nothing fabulous about it, nothing to “write home about”. Presentation was nonexistent and I felt a bit like the kitchen had lost interest by the time the desserts were up.

So what’s the verdict then?

Havana Grill aims to be all about “Food, Wine, Cigars and Vibe”. I have to hand it to them, they succeed on those points.

The food is generally good, but there are places where a little more care can be taken in presentation in particular. I’d recommend Havana Grill for the fly, young, hip business types. Probably not the place I’d take my dad unless they had an onsite first aider with a current CPR certificate as the prices are a bit “up there”.
Overall Rating:   3.5
Food: 4 Service: 3 Ambience: 3
Yes, I would return!

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Millhouse Kitchen, The   Central, Somerset West
The Millhouse Kitchen: Modern, elegant, unpretentious   | By Lise | Friday, 04 July 2014
Thee of us recently went for lunch at the Millhouse Kitchen at Lourensford. The first thing that struck me was the layout of the restaurant. The design is such that there are about five different sections in the restaurant and guests who pre-book in advance will be spoilt for choice. Of the areas, two are outside sections. One has a charming (at times, peacock-occupied) little deck looking out onto the garden and wine-tasting area. The other outdoor area is towards the back and has a large, shady children’s play area. Each space within the restaurant has its own unique attributes (including an indoor fireplace in the one area) and, depending on the weather, all seem equally inviting. Furthermore, in spite of the section-variety, the spaces flow into one another harmoniously with common design elements threading them together. Generally, the décor is modern with a rustic touch. Quirky albeit subtle details, such as little groundcover plants in pots on each table, add to a feel of simplicity and elegance.

Regarding the menu, a diverse selection of rustic, Italian and French-inspired dishes ensure a difficult decision-making process. We regretted not having been able to try out every single item on the menu as they all sounded equally enticing. However, the food that we did end up ordering did not disappoint. The presentation of the food was simple and attractive: colourful dishes served on white crockery. Wooden cutting boards were used for “drier” dishes such as pizza, burgers or bruschetta. Our starters consisted of aubergine, goats cheese and mint bruschetta, a beetroot salad with butternut crisps, and wonderfully fresh mussels with cider, cream and oreganum. The mains included a fairly rich, albeit delicious mackerel dish with grilled polenta, roasted red pepper, spinach and salsa, a towering lamb burger with a tomato compote, matured cheddar and a jalapeno chili, and one out of the three available risottos, namely with prawn, lemon, pea and mascarpone. Portion sizes were decent and every one of the dishes was lovely. They were flavoursome, not overcooked and all made using fresh ingredients. Alas, we were too satiated to try out they dessert-menu, but we look forward to going back to try the “naked chocolate torte”, the gluten free orange cake and the homemade ice cream. Furthermore, apart from a variety of more sophisticated dishes, a selection of pizzas are also available throughout most of the day. In addition to a standard selection of drinks, there is a wide variety of Lourensford estate wines to choose from.

Friendly and efficient service contributed to an all-in-all enjoyable and very recommendable experience. The Millhouse Kitchen offers a good balance of being stylish as well as unpretentious. It caters for a variety of tastes and occasions and is as accommodating for families with small children as it is for, for example, a couple out on a romantic date. The restaurant is open from Tuesday until Sunday for breakfast, lunch and dinner (on most nights).
Overall Rating:   4
Food: 4 Service: 4 Ambience: 4
Yes, I would return!

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Olive and Oil (Glenwood)   Glenwood, Durban
Exciting menu with appealing dishes   | By The Fay | Thursday, 26 June 2014
After having an absolutely horrible experience at a FINE DINING establishment two days prior, I was pleasantly surprised by the food, service, menu and ambiance of this small little restaurant, Olive & Oil, in a shopping centre in Hillcrest.

Firstly, we were able to take the children with, a no no at the aforementioned fine dining establishment. Secondly, the children had a cute play area set up for them with ample DVDs to select from. Thirdly, there was no huffing and puffing when making the booking that the table would only be kept for a set time.

Now the fine dining establishment, which did not allow children, actually seated a number of patrons with children and we were treated to numerous children caterwauling during our meal there. At Olive & Oil on the other hand, the children went to watch their movie, came and ate their meal and returned to their play area.

Enough about the kids though...

On arrival we were taken straight to our table and asked for our drinks order whilst we perused the menu. We had asked when booking whether they served Margaritas and were told that they did and that it was in fact National Margarita Day. Needless to say we asked for a couple of Margaritas, which were served straight up in deliciously chilled salt rimmed glasses. The manager dropped by our table later in the evening to inquire if everything was to our liking and, being the one who had taken our booking she remembered that we had asked about Margaritas, she asked if we would like to try a Gold Brick Margarita (made with Cuervo Gold Tequila). Being happily lulled by our first drink and the delicious food we assented in a flash.

The decor is understated and elegant. Tables are covered in crisp white table cloths and each place seating has a beautiful linen place mat. A small bowl of olives is set on the table for some pre-dinner nibbling and our water glasses were immediately filled from a jug of ice cold water flavoured with a few slices of lemon and sprigs of mint.

Finally onto the food The Olive & Oil menu is exciting with many appealing sounding dishes. The combinations are unusual, interesting and very tempting.We opted for the Mediterranean Mezze with Focaccia for the table. Mezze we selected was Parma ham, feta, marinated olives, roasted peppers, Cajun fillet strips, chorizo and hummus. Every component was delicious but the Cajun fillet strips were definitely the highlight. Being a chorizo junkie, I would have appreciated a little more of this tasty spicy sausage. Nevertheless we enjoyed every bite which was scrumptiously paired with the flaky fragrant warm Focaccia.

For my main course I ordered one of the specials, Dorado with Gamberi con pana sauce topped with 5 king prawns. As I am not familiar with Gamberi sauce I asked what it consisted off. Olive & Oil make theirs with prawn stock, chilli and Prego sauce. On returning home I did some research, thank you Google, and found out that this is an Italian sauce generally made with shrimp, garlic, olive oil, tomato paste, white wine, parsley and cream. The fish was served with baked butternut and creamed spinach. The fish was succulent, the prawns plump, the sauce tantalising and vegetables absolutely delicious.

One of my fellow diners also ordered a special, which was Fillet on a bed of green beans with a Madagascar green & black peppercorn cognac sauce. This was also served with the baked butternut and creamed spinach. The steak was tender and prepared to perfection, medium rare just as ordered.

Last main course ordered was the Dijon, Avocado and Feta Sirloin which was served with a mushroom sauce and chips. My companion had absolutely nothing but praise for her sirloin which was tender and juicy. The combination of the mushroom sauce, avocado and creamy feta was dreamily yummy.

From the childrens menu we ordered chicken nuggets, chips and sweet sticky sauce for the two kids, aged 7 and 4. As I was obviously on a roll I asked about the sticky sauce, this is made by mixing together barbecue sauce, chutney, tomato sauce, honey and monkey gland sauce. They tucked into their food with gusto and actually finished every bit of it, surprising their parents. Maybe the fact that they were told that they would get an ice cream cone if they finished their food played a part, but I doubt it as they can be picky eaters and definitely would not eat anything they were not enjoying.

I was delighted to see that the ice cream was served in a sugar cones rather than the less tasty and generally cheaper wafer cones. Needless to say the children devoured their ice creams before heading back to their movie.

Having enjoyed the meal thus far we could not resist delving into Olive & Oils dessert menu and we were served complimentary Strawberry Daiquiris whilst we perused the menu. These sweet, smooth cocktails struck exactly the right cord after the tang of the Margaritas and flavours from our meals still humming in our mouths. They were actually quite a delightful palate cleanser for us.

As always being a sucker for Creme Brulee, I could not resist when I saw it on the menu. I was not disappointed. The hard caramel topping had exactly the right amount of resistance and cracked perfectly to allow me access to the creamy sweet custard underneath. One of the best creme brulees I have eaten.

One companion ordered the warm Italian chocolate slice served with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream and she was in heaven from the time she saw it till the very last bite. The cake was moist, warm and not too sweet which contrasted perfectly with the rich and creamy chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream.

The other diner ordered Tiramisu and he was very complimentary of his dessert. He looked as if he would inhale the tiramisu if he could. Afterwards he said he was sorry it was so small because he could have had more, but realised it was actually the perfect size because of its richness.

I was delighted that everyone enjoyed their meal so much and that the dining experience was savoured by all. The quality of the food at Olive & Oil was excellent and the prices reasonable. Whilst this restaurant chain is not listed as a fine dining establishment, it most definitely was a FINE DINING experience for us. The meal was a total delight from beginning to end and the service we received was impeccable.
Overall Rating:   4.5
Food: 5 Service: 4 Ambience: 4
Yes, I would return!

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La Locanda   George, Garden Route
Italian food cooked with AMORE   | By The Fay | Thursday, 26 June 2014
La-locanda Italian Restaurant is the most authentic Italian restaurant in South Africa, owned by Dario Soresi, and run by by him and his daughter, Arianna, and nephew Matteo. Dario, as a young boy was inspired by his grandmothers cooking - Nonna Rosa who cooked simple dishes with simple ingredients from Sicily.

Our good friends accompanied us to dinner and we launched straight into the main course. Spinach & Ricotta Canneloni, Spaghetti Arrabiata and Pizza Quattro with 4 cheeses, everyone was delighted and got stuck into their dishes - eating with gusto.

I called Arianna to advise me as I was torn between the Ossabuco and the Tripe. Arianna said that Ossabuco was always on the menu but Tripe was a rarity. I ordered the Tripe cooked Italian style with a side plate of Spaghetti Oleo (Spaghetti in olive oil). And wow, was I pleased that I ordered the Tripe it was so, so delicious and the Spaghetti (which was of course cooked to perfection, el dente) too added to my absolute bliss. As I was piling into my Tripe my mind and taste buds wondered off to my childhood days when the Tripe was slow-cooked in the oven of the Aga stove, right through the night.

I had a Cassata Ice Cream to end the meal. Our friends shared a SemiFreddo not quite ice cream but a truly Italian dessert. They enjoyed every drop.

The evening & the food was so, so special - great, great Italian food cooked so well.

Our bill came to R700,00 with tip for the four of us.
Overall Rating:   5
Food: 5 Service: 5 Ambience: 4
Yes, I would return!

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Greenhouse, The   Constantia, Cape Town
Delicious, delightful artisticly presented food   | By The Fay | Thursday, 26 June 2014
We had the Tasting Menu at The Green House in the Hohenort Hotel. The service was excellent, attentive and not over-bearing. But I do have a gripe with the venue. The chairs we sat on were old and shabby needing re-upholstering. I sank into the seat and felt the wooden frame of the chair.

The Amuse Bouche was the same as we had in the Conservatory Restaurant of the Hohenort - Goats cheese, creme-puffs, a crunchy biscuit with a sweet filling and miniature dark sandwiches which were crunchy and tasty. The breads were fresh and tasty and a glass of humus and a green and black olive accompanied the breads - it was a nice touch.

I was looking forward to the Wild Arniston Oyster which was the start of the marathon tasting - but was politely informed that this was not available and that we could choose from the other menu either the frozen foie gras or a tomato splendour. We chose one of each. The tomato splendour was an artistic display of modern art twiggy-styling. I could have lived without it!

The next dish redeemed the former disappointment and was delicious and delightful - it was the Game Fish Sashimi, which consisted of prawn & sticky rice salad, pickled ginger, tobiko, white soy & grape gazpacho. Here the Chef really showed his talent and this dish was served in an oblong deep white dish. The green grape gazpacho was poured in after the dish arrived by another waiter and this was as dramatic (the dish suddenly came alive with a blaze of green coloured soup as it was being poured) it was spectacular to see and then to taste. It definitely was the show stopper.

Then came the Hibiscus Glazed Pork Belly which consisted of poached plums, young coconut jellies, tender stem broccoli & toasted sesame seeds. The dish was alright, but again it didnt beat the previous show-stopper, I think.

I then chose the Oven Roasted Imapala Loin & Foie Gras, which was accompanied by cepe mushroom ragout, celeriac mash & port poached figs. The dish was served in a wooden bowl with cut out edges - a nice African Bush touch. The Impala Loin was rare, great tasting tender and succulent. The mushroom ragout was a great accompaniment to this dish. I ordered a single glass of Eagles Nest (Little Eagle) red wine blend of Sauvignon Cabernet & Merlot - It was a very good choice with this dish which I sipped away at peacefully.

The Crispy Fried Dusky Kob was a poor choice - I tasted it and it was ok, but dry - looked better than it tasted - I preferred my Impala Loin.

Next came and went in quick succession - the Gin & Tonic apple, cucumber, lime sorbet. It was a nice cool interlude - very thoughtful of the Chef, who seemed to be playing a game with his diners and challenging them to an eating marathon of tastes.

Finally, came the Baobab, Beetroot, Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut - panna cotta, cremeaux, ice-cream, espuma & jelly. This was served in a long glass dish and tasted as good as it looked. The Dark Chocolate was the dab on the plate which had to be scraped off - it tasted good and was a pity to disturb the artists palette, but it was to be eaten and eaten it was.

Then came little cakes and jellies with the black decaffeinated coffee and Earle Grey tea, which was neatly supplied on a self-contained tray with the cup cover which doubled up as a saucer. The Tea was also a surprise as it came in a triangular shaped bag which was unique.

The bill came to R1585,00 including gratuities which I thought was a tad expensive, but this is a 5 star Hotel and hopefully theyll take my feedback into consideration and improve the furniture and attend to making the ambiance better and more comfortable for diners with better ventilation.
Overall Rating:   4.5
Food: 5 Service: 4 Ambience: 3
Yes, I would return!

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